Patient Testimonials

Pleasant staff and environment.

Joe L.

We love our dentist and her staff!

Donna M.

As usual I recieved the most courteous and professional service. I felt totally confident and comfortable with Dr. Gadol and her awesome staff.

Jacquelyn C.

You guys are the BEST. I really value all the detailed information you provide in answer to my questions and all the good advice you have given me. I have never felt so relaxed and comfortable about dental care before. And an especially big thanks to Megan for being so awesome and helpful not just at the appointment this week but also for talking with me on the phone last week too – I really appreciated it!

Laura G.

We really appreciated that Dr. Gadol and her staff listened attentively to the pediatric patient and also the patient’s mother, and explained things to both of them as appropriate. We came in for a consultation, and left with hopes that Dr. Gadol could become our regular dentist! Note One: Our hygienist was very friendly and warm, but we just wanted to make a suggestion that you all avoid the term “girly-girl” to describe pink sunglasses. Not all girls choose pink sunglasses, and some boys might like them. Perhaps you could find sunglasses that weren’t heavily stereotypically gendered and let patients select from a basket of a few of them. Note Two: I wonder if any dentists are willing to avoid the Oriental Trading Company Made-in-China trinkets that are often found in treasure/reward boxes. They are sought after by some children, but then end up as flotsam when they are brought home. Thank you for offering a survey to take in feedback! -Submitted by parent of 7yo patient

Sumi F.

It was very nice to be greeted by such pleasant people at an early morning appointment. Bret was patient in the explaination of the check in process and setting up all of my future appointments. I REALLY appreciated hoe Callie explained what was on my x-rays and the things that she was doing in my mouth. I also appreciate her recommendations to make my dental hygiene more effective. Dr. Gadol was very nice and extremely personable. I have a fear of dentist and she made me feel very comfortable with an uncomfortable process.

Rhonda T.

I’m fortunate to work for a company that has an exceptional dental plan. When my first started coming to Gadol Dentistry, I would always have to pay up front, but always I would be reimbursed later. I then set up an online account to view my families benefits. I started asking to be billed because I knew when the claim was processed, it would be paid for by the insurance co. Now, the front desk seems hesitant to bill me later, and even said there needed to be some kind of payment before it was processed. Why had that not been the case before. SO I paid the amount due, when I got home, looked up the benefit and saw my son was still under his annual allowance, meaning the cleaning will be paid for by the insurance. I was upset because I paid for something I shouldn’t have, and felt a little deceived by the front desk person.

Jack H.

Always enjoy the atmosphere and staff during my visits.

Michael H.

Doctor Gadol and Meghan were great, as always.

Ben S.

Thanks for being so patient, kind and skilled with my daughter during her dental work.

Savannah M.