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What We Do

Bee Downtown’s turn key program provides all the care and maintenance a beehive needs to succeed in a city.

Honey bees have quietly provided us with a world capable of sustaining life for thousands of years without ever asking for anything in return. Because of our actions, and resulting comfortable inactions, the bees are now fighting for their lives. It is time we work together, collectively, to save our most precious pollinators.

By purchasing our hives, your business will join all the other companies throughout Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill that have already decided to lead the way in rebuilding healthy honey bee populations in their cities. As we begin the process of expanding to new cities around the world, your company, paired with our existing partners, will be known as one of the founding partners behind the movement.

Where We're

Be Home Realty

Be Home Realty Be Home Realty operates in the Garner / Raleigh area and offers family friendly service to home buyers. They like to think of themselves and their clients…

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Burt’s Bees World Headquarters

Burt’s Bees World Headquarters Burt’s Bees World Headquarters is home to North Carolina’s largest educational observatory hive. The clear hive is at the front door of their headquarters located at…

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East Durham Children’s Initiative

East Durham Children’s Initiative EDCI’s Mission is to create a pipeline of high-quality services from birth through high school graduation for children and families living in a 120-block area of…

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Our Services

Bee Downtown hives allow businesses to play a direct role in stabilizing honey bee populations. Our carefully crafted program ensures adequate maintenance of hives throughout the year as well as opportunities for employees to stay connected to the bees and their success!


Hive Options

At Bee Downtown we sell two types of hives. Hives placed on outside property or rooftops are the hand painted hives that look like boxes and are commonly known in the bee world as Langstroth hives. We also offer custom clear observatory hives for businesses to install inside their office or at a window to increase foot traffic into their store.



Each hand painted hive will be delivered the second week of April, along with all of the necessary equipment to ensure the hives success, a colony of honey bees, and an informal class for employees to watch and learn from the beekeepers during the installation.



All of the honey produced by your hive is yours to keep. Think of it as a “sweet treat” from the bees! We will collect and extract all of the honey from your hive and store it in food grade buckets. You have the choice of bottling the honey yourself or, for a small fee, Bee Downtown will bottle your honey that include personalized labels for your businesses.



In the spring through the fall you can expect to see your beekeeper working the hives every week to two weeks. In the winter, while the bees are inactive our beekeepers will visit hives once a month.


Program Benefits

The Bee Downtown program is special because we do more than routine maintenance on the bees. We invite your business to become part of the excitement by including special days for employees to join our beekeepers in working the hives, sending regularly scheduled updates about the hives success, and working with your landscapers to ensure your business is able to receive our Bee Friendly Campus Certification.


Our Promise

While we will do everything in our power to keep your hive strong and healthy, there are times when a hive is unsuccessful. If this should happen we will replace your colony of bees, free of charge, at the earliest bees are available.

*Please note in the first year a hive will not produce enough honey for us to take from the bees, but by the second year a hive in the city can produce about 40 pounds of honey in a season.