If you want to see nature’s most precious pollinator hard at work then come experience the hustle and bustle of a hive with Bee Downtown!

This two-hour adventure includes a tour of the American Tobacco Campus, a visit to the Burt’s Bees observatory hive to learn about the inner workings of a hive and a hands-on class at our rooftop apiary. During the class, you will wear an official beekeeper’s suit, work the hives, taste honey fresh from the comb, and witness one of nature’s finest social communities. As bees buzz all around, you will learn just how vital these insects are to our local and global ecosystem.

Going on a Bee Downtown tour is an immersive and educational experience unlike any other! Peering into a hive and seeing the secret life of bees makes for a great date, family outing or individual activity, so pick a tour date and join us in experiencing nature’s most fascinating and indispensable creatures: honeybees.

And to remember a day well spent with our busy bees, we will send you home with a jar of Bee Downtown honey!

These Tours will start at 10:30 AM and once you have completed your purchase you will be sent an email that includes parking information and a map of the meeting location.



  • Single Tour: $40.00 per person
  • Group Tour of 6 or more: $32.00 per person
  • We welcome children 8 years and older
  • Long pants and Shoes that cover the toes are highly recommended for the tour
  • Private/Group Tours available upon request, email or call (910) 391-5152 for more info!


"Hanging out with the bees and getting to work hands-on with the hives made me want to go out and start my own beehive the next day. And getting to wear the fly beekeeper’s outfit made for cool pictures."

— Chelsea P.

“We got really hands on and I learned way more than I thought I would. It inspired me to learn more about bees and how they work within our environment. It also inspired my girlfriend and I to go and buy a bunch of bee-friendly plants to plant in our garden later that day. All around it was a really eye opening and educational experience that I’d suggest anyone try!”

— Spencer B.